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What is this page?  This page identifies and pictures all cast metal collectible “K&O” and Alterscale outboards made to date.  The K&O outboards were made from 1952 to 1962 are are available only from other collectors as K&O ceased production in 1962. Alterscale models are current production models available directly from Alterscale and through many outboard dealers.  Plastic toy outboards do not carry a value premium (as reflected in market prices) like those constructed of metal.  K&O antique toy outboards trade in the range of $100 to thousands                  

Model Photo Model Photo Model Photo
38.  Mercury 1961
6hp Merc 60;
Metal; K&O
merc_00_6_tn 39.  Mercury 1961
80 hp Merc 800;
White; Metal; gold decals;  rare K&O
merc_61_800_tn.jpg 40. Mercury  1962
100 hp Merc 1000;
black; metal; 1st black Merc; K&O
41. Mercury 1994 150hp ProMax EFI
Black lower unit;
Powerhead detailed;
7″ tall;400 made Alterscale
Retired in 2000.


42. Mercury 1997
150hp ProMax
EFI black; metal;
chrome lower unit; Powerhead, 7″ tall, 350 made  Alterscale.
merc225_PH_TN 43. Mercury 1997
2.5 Liter EFI black; metal; Powerhead , 7″ tall, 400 made
chrome lower unit

Retired in 2004
44.  Mercury 1997
225hp ProMax
EFI black; metal;
Powerhead detailed;
7″ tall;400 made Alterscale

Retired in 2000.
merc225_PH_TN 45. Mariner 1997 225 hp Super Mag  metal;  7″ tall; chrome lower unit;400 madePowerhead detailed; Alterscale
Retired in 2000.
mariner_225_PH_TN 46. Mariner 1997 2.5 Liter EFI;  metal;  7″ tall; chrome lower unit; Powerhead detailed;250 made Alterscale
47.  Oliver  1958
35hp Two-tone;
Metal, Rare;
Oliver_58_00_tn 48. Gale Buccaneer 1957 25hp Green;
Buc_57_25_tn.jpg 49. Gale  Buccaneer 1958
25hp; two tone;
metal; K&O
50.  Gale; 1959;
35hp Sovereign;
white; Metal;
gale_59_35_tn 51.  Gale; 1960
60hp Sovereign; White&black; Metal; Rare; 20 known to exist; K&O
Gale_60_60_tn.jpg 52.  Scott Atwater 1956 33hp; green&gold;
metal; K&O
53.  Scott Atwater ’57 1957 25hp;
Lt. blue cowl;
metal;  K&O
scott57_22_tn 54.  Scott Atwater 1957 40hp;  metal;
scott57_40_tn.jpg 55.  Scott 1958
25hp; red;
metal; K&O
56.  Scott 1958
Metal; K&O
scott58_40_tn 57.  Evinrude 1953
25hp Big Twin;
Blue; metal;
evin53_25_tn 58. Evinrude 1954
25hp Big Twin;
Blue; metal;
59.  Evinrude 1955
25hp Big Twin:
Metal;   K&O
EV_55_25_tn 60.  Evinrude 1956 30hp Big Twin; blue/ white/black Metal;   K&O evin56_25_tn.jpg 61.  Evinrude 1958
35hp Big Twin
Blue/white Metal;   K&O
62.  Evinrude 1957
35hp Big Twin
Blue/white/black Metal;   K&O
Ev_57_35_tn.jpg 63.  Evinrude 1958 50hp; Starflite;
metal; K&O
Ev_58_50_tn.jpg 64. Evinrude 1959
35hp Lark; gray;
metal; K&O
65.  Evinrude 1959
50hp Starflite;
Metal; K&O
EV_59_50_tn.jpg 66.  Evinrude 1960 40hp Lark II; gray/white
& red;  metal; K&O
EV_60_40_tn 67.  Evinrude 1960
75hp Starflite  II; gray/white & red;  Metal;  K&O
68.  Evinrude 1961
40hp Lark III;
Dk. green/white;  metal; K&O
EV_61_40_tn 69.  Evinrude 1961 75hp Starflite III; Dk. green/white;  metal; K&O EV_61_75_tn 70.  Evinrude 1962
40hp Lark IV;
Dk. green/white;
metal; K&O
71.  Evinrude 1962
75hp Starflite IV;
Dk. green/white;  metal; K&O
EV_62_75_tn 72. Evinrude 1991 300hp XP300 V8 blue; 1:9 scale;  7.5 inches; metal; 2,300 made.  Alterscale Ev_91_300_tn.jpg 73. Evinrude CR 1991 300hp V8 XP300 blue; 1:9 scale;   Limited Edition of 1,000; Metal; Alterscale EvCR_91_300_tn
74.  Evinrude 1991 300hp V8 XP300 blue; 1:9 scale;   Full Powerhead
Metal; Marketed by “Danbury Mint.” Decorated Box. 125 made, Retired in 1999.
DanMint_Phead2_tn 75. Telmex V8: First promotional miniature. Matches Telmex F-1 boat.  Limited to  300!  Includes   powerhead. Alterscale.
Retired in 2002.
Telmex_outboard_tn 76. V8 Powerhead Kit.   Retrofit for Atlerscale V8 models. Chrome stacks. Limited edition of 1,000.  Two power heads in each Kit.


77. Elgin (Sears) 45hp? White Plastic but the only Elgin ever made. Nicely done even if plasitic. K&O origin? elgin_tn 81. Clark Troller 1934 twin.  Limited production of of  60.  Price $1,050 when new in 2001.   Cast in metal. 1:3 scale.  Clark_troller_twin_TN 82. Clark Troller 1934 single.  Limited production of of  60.  Priced $670 when new in 2000.  Cast in metal. 1:3 scale. Clark_troller_single_TN.jpg
83. Mercury 1957 Mark 55E Quicksilver Green & tan; 1:8 scale, 6 inches, metal; 500 made. Alterscale. Mark55_Green_TN 84. Mercury 1957 Mark 55E Sarasota Blue; 1:8 scale, 6 inches; metal; 275 made.  Alterscale.  Retired in 2004. MARK55E_tn

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Buying and Selling K&O Antique Toy Outboard (from the 1950’s and ’60’s): Premiere collectors who also purchase, trade, and sell antique K&O models: Jack Browning (email: ): 214 16th Street; Roanoke, VA 24017 (ph: 540-982-1253). Jack wrote the book “Toy Outboards.” Also contact Bill Arick, 400 N. Meridian, Valley Center, KS 67147 (ph: 316-755-1528); Terry Topjun: PO Box 4487, Sevierville, TN  (ph: 941-920-2002) email: (Terry often has Mercs). These enthusiasts generally have quite a few K&O outboard models for sale. Bill Arick has available many remolded parts (cast in metal) for the K&O outboard Toys. He also has “cast metal display stands” modeled on the (real) Mercury stands. The stands are very to-scale and quite nicely done. Contact Jack or Bill or Terry directly at the numbers above.  Please keep in mind that these outboards trade as “antique toys” and are relatively expensive.  Many thanks to collector Bob McDonald (email: ) for help with the K&O photos.  Bob buys sells and trades toy outboards:  ph:  718-762-2541;  address:  Bob McDonald;   166-12  29th  Avenue; Flushing, NY 11358-1402.

Book References:
Toy Outboard Motors (Revised November 2000); by Jack Browning; $26.95; 195 pages of compiled articles (by Jack Browning) with photos. Available only direct: Jack Browning (email: ); 214 16th Street; Roanoke, VA 24017 (ph: 540-982-1253). Comment: This is the only comprehensive work in existence on this subject. It covers principally the K&O outboard motors (in detail) but touches on many other toy outboards and boats.  Jack Browning is one of the world’s premier collectors of toy outboards. 

We buy and sell K&O Toy Outboards and antique toy and model boats. Contact us for more information!