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MK75_burgundy2-2Alterscale is pleased to announce the production of the newest model outboards in its vintage series, the 1958 & 1957 Mercury Mark 75!  $189.97 + $14. S&H.   This is a LIMITED COLLECTOR’S EDITION!  The model has been produced in two variations: the 1958 version has a Burgundy cowl with sand tan lower unit and the 1957 version is Charcoal.  The 1958 Burgundy version is limited to 500 models; and the 1957 Charcoal is limited to275 models.  Now you can add one of the most classic vintage 1950’s outboard models ever made to your collection.  The model will be in 1:8 scale, a full 7 inches tall.  Detail like this has never been seen in a scale model outboard.   The fabulous six-cylinder powerhead is duplicated in every detail; a miniature medallion is on the face plate; the pull cord handle and choke pull are on the top cowl. The pull cord actually “pulls” and auto retracts just like the real outboard.  Soon it can be on the shelf in your den!  As an added PLUS, this edition has been designed to include Mercury’s new “Mercury Legends” stand, which commemorates their 65th anniversary in 2004.  The stand’s base is painted with Mercury’s 65th anniversary logo:

Merc 65thannivlogo

How did we do it?   Mercury Marine has once again opened its archive of stored outboards for Alterscale’s technical experts and  model makers.  We measured every bolt, screw and casting of an actual 1957 and 1958 Mark 75.  The clamp tightening grip even has the correct molded ridges. The propeller is painted, just the way they came from the factory.  And yes, of course, the “wrap around” cowl segment removes to display the powerhead and the model has an operating electric propeller!  The stand houses batteries which operate the propeller action.  Get ready to enjoy the memories!

You could expect no less from Alterscale.

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