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Toy History

Alterscale miniatures are the only true outboard motor collectibles ever cast! Evinrude and Johnsons are approximately 7 ½ inches tall, Mercury and Mariner V-6s are 7 inches tall.  All models are in 1:9 scale (the K&O scale).  The models are finely detailed and exquisitely die-cast in metal.  Paint schemes are authentic. A quality electric motor powers the propeller through a flexible shaft. Each motor comes with our “Executive Desk Display Stand.” They are the perfect gift for the man who has it all! All models capture the boldness of the originals… the largest most dramatic outboards ever made! Each comes with our Note: Alterscale Replicas are “operating displays” not recommended for use in water.

Details!: The outboards swivel (turn) and tilt. As the engine tilts, you will be amazed by detail hidden beneath the mounting bracket. The hydraulic rams move. The trim cylinders, rams, hydraulic motor, and oil reservoir are modeled. Mounting bracket detail is unbelievable! You can count the bolt heads and feel the sculptured contours… all exactingly duplicated. Move on to the lower unit and examine the grooved and slotted water intakes beneath the nose-cone.  There has never been anything even close to this kind of quality and detail.  Batteries are concealed within the base and you can run the motor right on the stand. And of course, the Counter Rotating model actually runs counter rotating! 

We buy and sell K&O Toy Outboards and antique toy and model boats.  Contact us for more information!

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