Toy Boats For Sale

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ITO wood hydroplane 15″ outboard boats, need refinishing $45 each SOLD
Linemar Cruise Along Vacationer 12″ tin boat with Evinson metal outboard motor and box. Motor runs and deck light works, Excellent condition $375
Seaworthy Flying Yankee 18″ wood toy boat with (pencil sharpener) clockwork motor, works well, nice decals, very good+ complete condition $475
Modern Toy Manufacturing C-55 hydroplane 9″, tin, Japanese, friction wind-up, works $85
1930s Arnold 8″ pressed steel toy boat w/rower that rows, works well after almost 100 years $375
Asaki toy Flying Fish 11″ tin Japanese boat, friction wind-up, works $110
1920’s Boucher 24″ wood Poly-Wog boat with 2 cylinder steam outboard engine. Complete, including burner tray. ALL ORIGINAL $1350
26″ Seaworthy Boats Runabout Windup $195
ITO Runabout 15 1/2′, wood toy boat w/box and original ITO decal, near mint to mint condition $375 Sold
18″ Japanese Deluxe Inboard runabout, wood, single engine, twin props $250
18″ Japanese deluxe inboard wood toy boat, twin motors and twin props, Excellent condition $285

Liberty Scout26″ 1930’s Liberty Scout, Wood Hull with tin deck and cockpit top.  Not working $275

14″ Liberty Playthings Tug Boat $135
30″ Made in Japan Destroyer, circa 1950’s $475
16″ Hornby Racer III $375
16″ Hornby Speedboat $275
18″ German Kellner speedboat $375
Miss Liberty tin steamboat with brass boiler, complete with burner, excellent cond., $375