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                 V8 Powerhead Kit!       
                                                                    From:  GIY, Inc/Terry Topjun   ph: 941-920-2002
                                                                   Email Orders:  tptopjun@gmail.com               

V8_PH_rear_right_chrome.jpg (21243 bytes)  V8 POWERHEAD KIT!..$38.95 + $6.00 S&H (2 POWERHEADS)
This is EXCITING NEWS!   It's another great Limited Production.  Only 1,000 powerhead kits!  Don't miss this one! Now you can add the powerhead to your Evinrude and Johnson V8 models!  This is the long-awaited powerhead kit that retrofits into all Alterscale V8 Outboards (primarily Evinrude and Johnson). 

Eight Chrome velocity stacks and Red high intake manifold!  Even the spark plug wires are modeled.  And yes, the outboard will still run with the powerhead installed!  You can almost heard the thundering eight cylinders!

Kit includes:V8_on_Telmex_chrome_note.jpg (28170 bytes)
1.  Two V8 powerheads that fit into the1:9 scale V8 outboards.  The V8s were designed from the beginning to accept the fully modeled V8 powerhead with its eight one-barreled carburetors with high quality Chrome velocity stacks and Red high intake manifold.
2.  All hardware needed (screws and such) to put the powerhead in place within the model.   
3.  Two new cowling clasps.
4.  Instructions on installation.            

This is an incredible opportunity to own a never-before-created retrofit for miniature outboards.  It may never be made again.  Don't miss out.  Orders yours today!
Available from:

                             GIY, Inc/Terry Topjun (ph: 941-920-2002)
                             PO Box 2372
                             Sequim, WA  98382

Alterscale miniatures are the only true outboard motor collectibles ever cast! The Powerhead Kit  consists of the powerheads only and does not include the outboard (pictured above-right is the powerhead in the Telmex outboard.  Model is 7 inches tall in 1:9 scale (the K&O scale).  Alterscale Replicas are "displays" not recommended for use in water.

Have a question? Call  941-920-2002 GIY, Inc/Terry Topjun or
email:  tptopjun@gmail.com         

All indicated logos are registered trademarks of their respective owners.  Alterscale miniature outboards are refined detailed collectibles not recommended for children.

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